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In order to build a picture of your child’s communication strengths and difficulties, the therapy process usually begins with an assessment of your child’s skills which may involve some or all of the following, depending on your child’s communication needs:

  • - A discussion with parents/carers to find out your areas of concern and your perspective regarding your child’s speech, language and communication, which is a very important part of the process
  • - A ‘history’ of your child’s development to date – asking parents for information about different aspects of your child’s speech, language and communication development as well as other important and relevant areas, such as physical and social development
  • - Informal observations and assessment which can take the form of play or games based activities (adapted to the age of your child / young person) and sometimes formal assessment, which provide information about your child’s attention & listening; understanding and processing of language; spoken language, speech sounds as well as play skills and social communication (social skills).
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The assessment is usually carried out in your child’s home but may sometimes take place in your child’s nursery or school. Sometimes further assessment or discussion with other professionals is helpful to find out more information about your child before their needs can be identified and the recommendations made.

Following the assessment process, I will feedback my initial observations and develop a plan of action collaboratively with parents including any recommendations for therapy.

(Where assessments are requested by schools, the plan of action will be developed with teaching staff as well as parents.)

I will then draft a report including the recommendations / agreed action plan, and with parents/carers’ permission, forward it on to any other professionals who may be involved in your child’s care. If appropriate, therapy will then be arranged.